Q: What kind of work did you do before you became a writer? Are you still doing it?
A: Most of my “day jobs” were clerical. Some of my titles: church secretary, legal secretary, court reporter, deputy clerk/voter registration clerk. I met lots of wonderful people and had interesting experiences, but always dreamed of being a full-time writer. I’m grateful every day to be doing work I love.
Q: What sub-genre is HEART TO HEART? What other genres do you write? What is your favorite?
A: SECOND CHANCES is contemporary sweet (wholesome, heartwarming) romance with an underlying mystery. The main characters are 50+. Series: The McClains of Legend, Tennessee. All of my books are small town G/PG romance with a contemporary setting. Some of the Serendipity, Indiana Series (EMILY’S DREAMS, THE BLANK BOOK) might be classified as romantic women’s fiction. THE BLANK BOOK is also light paranormal/mystery, as is A PIECE OF HER SOUL. My favorite genre shifts without notice. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not!
Q: Why are you writing romances with older characters?
A: I can more easily relate to characters who are 40+. A great deal of mental, physical, and emotional work is required to craft a new life when the old one no longer exists. Especially when that old life was ingrained over a period of decades. As a widow and minimalist, I live that fact every day.
Q: What’s the craziest place you ever tried to write? Or the craziest ritual you have? Maybe something you have to have to write and what it does for you?
A: It’s not crazy – lots of people do it with great success – but I absolutely cannot write in a coffee shop. I always become fascinated, watching the people around me, and imagining what their lives might be.