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Thank you so much for submitting your book to be featured on the Later In Life Romance site!

Later In Life Romance is about easy peasy book browsing for readers with no pressure on them to buy anything. We want readers to just read and enjoy being introduced to new authors and stories each week. What they will get in their weekly email will be the new or recently submitted books. Just so you know, the information we collected in the submission about the book was derived from polls, studies, and tons of conversations with readers about would help their reading experience if they knew BEFORE they bought the book. CLICK HERE to see a sample page in case you haven’t browsed the site yet!

As we mentioned on the submission form you filled out, your email address has been added to a Later In Life Romance Author mailing list. Your email address, first name, and last name were collected from your initial submission form in order for us to communicate with you about the date your Book Feature will appear on the site. You may unsubscribe at any time by using the link at the bottom of any email you receive or the one in your final welcome message.

This mailing list will be used only to send you information concerning your submission and when you will be featured. If the site grows, so will promotion opportunities. These would also be sent to you in future emails. These will be few.

If you want to see what the readers are seeing each week from us, you will need to add yourself to the regular Later In Life Romance mailing list. CLICK HERE to open the signup for the reader email list.

The benefit of our site to you as a contemporary romance author is getting the cross-promotion of all the authors on this site as they share Later In Life Romances with their fans and readers.

We can’t guarantee anything except to make you a little more visibility to readers who might be interested in your work. However, if you see more web traffic to your book’s page on your own website, you will know it is from organic interest as readers click the visit button on your book feature at Later In Life Romance.

The website is currently running on donations only so cross your fingers that we can keep the overhead paid through generosity alone.

I have a great feeling about the mission of this site being set up for reading and browsing. I sincerely believe readers are going to love it as well.

Thanks again. Happy Writing!

~ Donna McDonald