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The following contains the submissions requirements and explains our “mission” to readers.

The Later In Life Romance site is meant to be a great place where readers can come to find more of the books they love. For authors, this site is about getting your books in front of all the interested readers possible. To make this magic happen, this site lightly curates the Featured Book submissions. We think we are offering readers information about the books that they want and often can only find on review sites. Later In Life Romance IS NOT a review site. We are a reader-centric browsing site where readers can explore without the pressure to judge or buy. Our site will connect readers to your website for all buy links.

You must have at least one book featured on the LILR website to be considered for the Featured Author or Author Spotlight spots on the LILR Homepage. These require a nominal fee. 

I ask that all LILR authors actively participate in cross-promotion with the Later In Life Romance site. This means sharing us on social media and telling your fans about us when you can. We will be doing the same for you in return in sharing your books.

LILR is collecting email addresses from interested readers and will be sending out a weekly email on Mondays so long as there are new featured books to share. The mailing list is now at 399 readers who are interested in romances featuring older characters. 

LILR is not using affiliate links to monetize the site. Instead, we are driving readers to your website page for the links to buy your book. We cannot guarantee a ton of traffic, but there will be some traffic if your book appeals to readers visiting the LILR website. Please make sure you provide us with a good book link when you submit.

The actual page with the book’s information will be created as soon as I can process the submission. You should be able to find it in the Featured Books menu under the 2 categories/themes/sub-genres you chose on the submission form.

Submission is not a guarantee that your book will be put on the LILR Homepage, but it is my goal to promote as many books there as truly meet LILR’s definition of “romance”. If chosen for the LILR Homepage, you will receive an email or FB message notifying you it is there. The week the book is featured on the Homepage, it will also appear in an FB post. The week after a book has been featured on the homepage, your book cover will be included in the LILR email with a link to your LILR Featured Book page. Your promotion is ongoing, and for now, all pages will stay live.

Updating the site and processing submissions is a one-woman show, so please be patient when waiting for a reply or looking for your book to appear. The speed of the response will be contingent upon how many submissions are received and how much time I can devote to it. I am a busy author with my own work and there will be lots of times where I get behind. 

By submitting for any promotion, your author contact email will be added to a Later In Life Romance author only mailing list. This list will be used to contact you about your submission and for all other communications from this site. You may unsubscribe any time if you want to stop hearing from LILR, but if you submit titles, I need a valid email.

Though it is not a requirement, I suggest you add yourself to the regular reader mailing list to keep up with what the readers are seeing. The signup is the one on the top of every LILR website page.


The Featured Book submission is for a regular book page about your title which may or may not appear on the LILR Homepage.

The page will appear in the category/theme menu under your two selections. The 4-6 books that do appear on the LILR Homepage will be emailed to LILR fans on Mondays along with the titles chosen for the Author Spotlight and Featured Author spots.

Currently, I am populating the LILR website with as much quality content as I can to draw reader interest. There is no charge at this time for a Featured Book submission, but donations are greatly appreciated as they will help me improve and maintain the site. A donation button is located just above the submission form if the spirit moves you to contribute.


These are only available to authors with Featured Books already on the LILR site. Not submitted yet? See the Featured Book Submission above.


You can list 4 books in a series or 4 titles that show a cross-section of your work. They do not all have to be LILR titles with older characters. Each book can be connected to your website.

The Author Spotlight will be on the LILR Homepage for approximately a week and will be turned into a blog article afterward so that future readers can still find the information. Notice of the Author Spotlight will also be sent out in the Monday email to readers. Want to see what the readers are getting in the emails? Fill out the signup form on the top of any LILR website page.

To be eligible for the Author Spotlight, you must already have at least one featured book on the Later In Life Romance site. Haven’t submitted yet? You can do so above. Featured Books must meet LILR romance requirements.


The Featured Author spot on the LILR Homepage will contain a short author interview. Beside it will be a 600 x 600 meme that the author provides  (or that I create) that can be a promotion of any one book. It can be any book. We suggest you provide us with a URL on your website where you are featuring the sale or promotion as well. If we have any questions, we will write to you.

Like the Author Spotlight, your interview and meme will be featured on the Hompage for about a week. After that, it will be turned into a blog article that can be found later. If your promotion has ended, make sure your link to it indicates that on your website.

To be eligible for the Featured Author spot, you must already have at least one featured book on the Later In Life Romance site. Haven’t submitted yet? You can do so above. The Featured Author spot will connect to one of the author’s Featured Books.

Submission to these is FREE for a limited time.

At the moment, the site is running solely on donations. Donating is not a requirement to be featured.

Donations pay for advertising which drives traffic to the site and for the person who processes book submissions.

If you feel inclined to contribute, any amount is appreciated.